October 2nd, 2004

Jan Joris

Fiber to the dad.

It's barely 18 month ago I hooked my dad up to a 256kb/s ADSL line, which he, back then, thought was quite impressive. This week, he hooked himself up to a 100Mb/s fiber-to-the-home line. Now I was the one to be impressed!

A fiber (specs unknown) enters the home through two boxes: a fiber termination box that also does cable radio and cable TV, and a yet another fiber termination box, connected behind the first, that does 8x 100BaseTX and 2x POTS. The service is rated as "between 10Mb/s and 100Mb/s, depending on load". The speeds to known-fast sites I observed today were all between 15Mb/s and 50Mb/s(!), so the ISP does make good on its service promise so far.

Did I mention the whole thing comes with no data limit, no installation charge, and no monthly charge? POTS, radio, and TV are not operational yet, but are expected to be rated similarly. Sharp, eh? Among the 8,000 homes in this town, the pick-up rate was 97% in a few weeks!

Who's paying for all this candy? Well, all the people that are not connected are: it's a 100% government funded broadband showcase. Talk about my tax euros at work! Tell me, why did I ever move out of the house...?