Jan Joris Vereijken (janjoris) wrote,
Jan Joris Vereijken


Tertius is now called Max. His new people picked him up this morning.

Max is undoubtedly the most handsome of all Lies's kittens. He's also the shyest by far; I'm glad he's going to lead a quiet indoor life. If he'd be going to live a among three agressive tomcats---like Donna is---I'd be very, very worried.

But I'm not. Max has the quiet, attentive, loving new people he deserves. Of all people picking up one of our kittens, they're the only ones that don't have cats already. At first, I felt this was a serious disadvantage---do I want to send my kitten to people that might not know how to handle him? But as I talked with them over the past months---especially with Max's new father, whom I meet daily at work---I became impressed by their commitment, dedication, and eagerness. One day I gave them a surplus kitten booklet of ours, to make sure they got their "Kittens 101" straight. To my bewilderement Max's new father had learned it by heart the next day!

Also, I remembered that some five years ago someone else was trusting me with two of his kittens (Piet and Juul). That leap of faith was quite a bit bigger: back then, Tieleke and I were hardly prepared for kittens. I still shiver when I realize that we'd lost the kittens within minutes of getting them, and when thinking back to that time they almost fell out of the window on the fourth floor. Brrr... If we made it, Max's new people certainly can.

Nevertheless, I again cried. As Tieleke said: we've witnessed him being born into this world, so it's not easy letting go. I'm thankful though that I'll be hearing stories of his adventures daily at work. If that's not a good motivator to try and be in those silly meetings on time, I don't know what is!
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