Jan Joris Vereijken (janjoris) wrote,
Jan Joris Vereijken


I hadn't told you yet---Quarta became Kees some time ago. I was waiting for a good story, you see. Next time, I'll know better than to wish for a good story.

A few days ago Kees suddenly started vomitting. That's nothing to worry about, Gijs did it once after he overate. But Kees didn't once, she did it a dozen times. Then, she started screaming when she went to the litter box. And kept going, and kept screaming, while not being able to do her business there. Not good. Very, very ungood. Outright alarming. This had "serious trouble" written all over it.

Well, so thought the vet. Although the X-rays didn't show much, he was still concerned about an intestinal blockage, maybe due to some swallowed object. He advised surgery, and that was what she got.

Look at that giant cut on her belly! Poor kitty!

Kees's people called me when I was downtown, eating out with my dad. At that moment there was a distinct possibility that she wouldn't see the day out, so they felt they had to inform me. Let me tell you: if all my downtown diners would proceed that way, I'd be at my ideal weight quite quickly.

Surgery. The vet couldn't find anything, so he closed her again, and put her on IV (antibiotics? fluids? magic potion?). Whatever it was, it worked, and she seems to be recuperating nicely now. It's still unclear what it was that she caught, but the vet's best guess is some bacterial infection. We'll see how she fares from here, not sure if she's out of the woods yet, but since the vet sent her home again (after 24 hours in the cat hospital) I have good hopes.


It's not that I want to be unkind to the people of Donna and Max, but at least Kees's people have impressively passed their first "Did we really, really, really pick the right people for our kittens???"-exam. Congrats & thanks!!!
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