Jan Joris


Exhausted from a night of bouncing around the house, all kittens are taking a time out. The girls lie drinking with Lies on our bed, the boys are dozing a bit on the guest room bed.

This is the last weekend all are here.

Do I really have to give them away...?
Jan Joris

Most favorable place to nap.

By an impressive unanimous vote, the kittens declared "under the kitchen table" the most favorable place to nap.

Call me silly, but I spent some 20 minutes in the same position (head only, rest wouldn't fit) and the world indeed is a better and quieter place from there. The experience gave me a whole new perspective on things and great ideas towards world peace---amongst which my nose picking habit, and a firm resolution on not sending the cleaning lady there.
Jan Joris

Prima and Secundus no more.

Prima and Secundus got their first inoculation today; so we had to pick names for their certificates. Secundus is called Gijs now (all our cats have monosyllabic classical Dutch names). Prima became Donna I'm afraid, and you can blame the pun on her new people---I take no responsibility for that. Tertius and Quarta will get their names next week.

The vet said all were in good health. Gijs has a mild cold it appears (we'd noticed his runny nose ourselves), but to offset that, he weighs in at a royal 1450 grams (51 ounces), where your average 8½ week kitten is just 850 grams (30 ounces). Wow! And note: this is not a fat cat, merely a big one. If he proceeds this way, he could become a really big boy; guess the expensive high-energy kitten food is finally paying off (the others, by the way, are all in the 1200 to 1400 grams range).

Tertius might have a mild cold too, but his is barely noticeable.

They're all still drinking with Lies, which surprises me one week after her castration. The vet says this is just normal. Ah.
Jan Joris

We've got jumpers!

Yesterday evening, just before bed time, Tertius and Quarta suddenly learned how to jump over the fence, and by extension, jump all over the bed, our faces, etc. I haven't had such a wild night of sensory experiences---or sleep deprivation, for that matter---since my undergraduate days.
Jan Joris


This morning, we're taking Lies to the vet to be spayed. Both she and her kittens have been fasting since last evening, and are complaining loudly about that now. After breakfast (ours!), we'll catch her, put her in her carrier, and feed the kittens---hope they take well to solid food only.

The appointment is for 9:30, and we can pick her up again at 16:30. Keeping fingers crossed...


Picked up Lies, all went well. As the kittens were alone all day, Prima and Secundus learned how to jump over the 60 cm fence meant to confine them to their room. No use to try and put the genie back into the bottle, they're free roaming cats now, running all around the house, and much faster than I can follow. Next goal, till proven unattainable: preventing the kittens from going outside the house...
Jan Joris


I tested Lies for lactose intolerance today. I used special cat milk, which is low on lactose to begin with.

Although Lies (and all kittens) just loved it, I had an aweful mess to clean up afterward---of the, eh, non-solid faeces kind. I conclude there is a fair amount of intolerance running in the family, and Lies definitely is among the victims.

When Piet and Juul were young, I tested them too. Piet was very intolerant, while Juul was just fine with it. In total that's a 2 out of 3 score for intolerance. Isn't that a bit extreme? Any of you cat owners out there have any experiences to share? I know all cats like it, but can yours, eh, process it too?
Jan Joris

Pictures, pictures, pictures.

As you can see from the picture, all kittens are comfortable eating solid food, both canned and dry, now. Well, Prima isn't in this picture, but take my word on it that she is too. They have a strong need to be: in less than two weeks, Lies will be spayed, and all kittens will be forcibly weaned. I find this rather cruel, and checked the timeline three times with our vet. Each time he assured me that seven weeks is definitely spaying and weaning time. Poor Lies, poor kittens!

Today Tertius's new people visited him. He really seemed to like them, or at least their laps, which is a big thing, cat-wise. I'm glad he did, and feel confident that he's found himself an excellent home.

I also went through my collection of kitten pictures taken, and realized it grows at a speed of about a hunderd a week. When they leave our home, I'll burn a 700MB CDROM chock-full of high-resolution photos (2048x1536), and make copies for the new people of Prima, Tertius, and Quarta. I only have a dozen good pictures of Juul and Piet when they were kittens, and I really cherish those. Having a thousand handy on a CDROM must be heaven!